Maintenance of your Pérouse Paris products

The daily wear

Your Perouse creation is a piece of jewellery that requires the utmost care. Avoid any contact with perfume or chemical products. It is recommended to preserve your jewel from salt and chlorinated water and from high temperatures. Finally, we advise you to remove your Perouse creation when practicing sports to avoid any shock.

Polishing / rhodium plating

After a few years, your ring will naturally have micro scratches. We will be happy to maintain it and polish it to give it back its original shine.

If your ring is in white gold, it will also need to be rhodium plated in addition to being polished in our workshop.

The delay is usually one week. The Pérouse Paris team will tell you at the time of the operation if the delay is longer depending on the period.


To clean your creation, here are some tips:

You can use a dry and soft cloth.

If your jewel is set with a diamond, you can clean it with a soft brush and a neutral PH soap. You can then rinse your jewel with warm water.

The cleaning of coloured stones is more delicate. We therefore advise you to contact our sales team.

We will always be happy to receive you in our shop if you wish to bring your jewel to us for a more in-depth cleaning.


Your Pérouse Paris creation is precious. In order to preserve it, we advise you to store it in its case when you are not wearing it.

You should also avoid contact with other jewellery. This could scratch them. Diamonds are particularly prone to scratching other stones or surfaces. So be sure to keep them separate from your other jewelry.