Our values

Pérouse Paris is a contemporary, ethical and responsible jewellery house.


Nos pierres

We only work with diamond merchants who are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council and who respect the Kimberley process. These are strong guarantees for our customers on the origin of our diamonds and the way they have been extracted from the mines.

For the purchase of coloured stones, it is by working with the same trusted suppliers since the beginning that we are assured of the transparency on the origin of our stones. They are mainly family businesses and small structures with whom we maintain a privileged and friendly relationship.


Notre OR

As for the stones, we take great care in selecting our gold suppliers.

The gold we use is onlyrecycled gold, that is to say that it has been extracted from the mines years ago and is remelted for a new use. All our models are made with 18ct gold.

We only work with suppliers in Paris who are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council which allows us to ensure the traceability and purity of the metals .

In addition, we control and manage ourselves the melting of gold for the manufacture of our products. We are therefore assured of its cleanliness.

Nos prix


Thanks to a manufacture without intermediaries (we have our own workshop) and a direct distribution, we are able to practise a reasonable price policy.

Our workshop is based in Paris in order to have a maximum impact on the local economy.

Our prices are fair and are not inflated by excessive marketing expenses.

That is why we do not have sales at Pérouse Paris.