Perouse Paris jewellery is above all the reflection of a soul. That of Philippine Pérousewho strives to transcribe in her creations her unalterable attachment to the tradition of French luxury as well as her wonderment for bright and frank colors. Her pieces are the expression of a true optimism and a communicative joie de vivre captured in graceful and delicate frames.

From a very young age, Philippine has been making pearl jewellery to sell on the beaches of her holidays. With the years her look is formed and her taste is affirmed. As a teenager, Philippine is more and more passionate about luxury jewellery. She never ceases to be fascinated by the finesse of the pieces, the precision of the workmanship, the delicacy of the lines. This is when she creates new models. She favours a refined design for her creations, instilling a contemporary note to her classically inspired pieces. In the meantime, Philippine joins the EDHEC Business School and takes advantage of this opportunity to put into practice her learning of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Carried by her enthusiasm, Philippine follows a gemmology training at the Gemological Institute of America (London), the laboratory which is at the origin of the notation of stones. There she acquired real know-how and established her legitimacy in the world of luxury jewellery. Thereafter, Philippine, trained by the best, made her first steps in the professional world, between Place Vendôme and London, within prestigious jewellery houses. Charmed by historical classicism, Philippine fell in love with the intense warmth inspired by brightly coloured stones.


Philippine then embarked on a world tour of gemstone markets. She crossed Brazil, India and Thailand, where she finally settled. It is then in Bangkok that she finds her inspiration. There, traditional manufacturing techniques are combined with a daring aesthetic, gold being skilfully mixed with fiery coloured stones. Philippine will spend time in a workshop, quickly mastering the transformation process necessary to highlight a noble and raw mineral, from the cutting of the stone to the work of the frame.


Philippine then returned to Paris and created her own jewellery brand. This is how the house of Pérouse Paris was born.

Very quickly, Philippine decides to create her own workshop and associates with a jeweller, Arnold. This association gives birth to a workshop of excellence in the heart of Paris, where all the creations come to life.