The creation / manufacturing process

What is the process to order a ring ?

For Parisian customers, we can welcome you by appointment in our showroom. For customers located in the rest of France or abroad, we usually work by email, videos, photos.
Once the design is validated, we choose the center stone of your ring within your budget. Once everything is validated, we ask for a 50% deposit to start the manufacturing.

How long does it take to create a ring?

The choice of the model depends on you. Some customers choose the model and the stone they like in one appointment and others prefer to come back a second time and take some time to think about it. It may happen that we do not have the stone of your dreams right away and it is therefore necessary to arrange a second appointment.

Once we have agreed on all the details of your ring, it takes between 4 and 6 weeks to make.

Where can I try on your designs?

A large selection of our designs are available in our Paris showroom.
However, the majority of our custom designs are made to order. They are therefore not all visible in the showroom. Do not hesitate to tell us which model(s) you have seen before your appointment. If we are unable to show you the finished model, we will arrange to show you drawings.

The stones

What stones do you use?

We use diamonds and many coloured stones. The colored stones we use the most are sapphires (blue, pink, green, or yellow).

Where do your do your stones come from?

Our stones come from all over the world!

The colored stones have different origins. For example, sapphires come mainly from Sri Lanka and Madagascar.
Our diamonds are all certified from 0.30 ct by the prestigious GIA and HRD laboratories. We work with diamond dealers with whom we have had a relationship of trust for several years. They all respect the Kimberley process which ensures that the stones were extracted out of conflict zones.

Can I supply you with my stone?

Unfortunately we do not accept customer stones.

The metals

What metals do you use?

We only work with precious metals, i.e. vermeil, gold and platinum.
We use recycled gold which is melted down directly in our workshop. Thus we can trace the origin of our metals and ensure you an irreproachable quality.

We have chosen to use recycled gold because there is more gold on earth today than under the ground.